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Switch your Electricity and Gas plan in 2024 and receive up to $50*

Receive a $50* gift card when you switch your Electricity and Gas plan with Bills 2 Pay.

The first step to getting your gift card is to either go to the 'Upload Bills' or 'Online Form' page and complete the required steps.

Complete either the Online Form or go to Upload Bills

Step 1

The 2nd step is waiting for your new account to be verified which will be around 60 days after you switch to a new energy plan using Bills 2 Pay.

Wait 60 Days

Step 2

After the 60 days and the new account is verified you will be sent a message from Bills 2 Pay to confirm validation of the new account upon which the gift card will be processed.

Receiving your Gift Card

Step 3

For a limited time only, get a $25*gift card when you compare your Electricity or Gas plan with us. Thats right! You receive a gift card filled with $25* dollars when you compare your existing Electricity or Gas plan, receive $50* for doing both!


Apply now

Thank you!

*Conditions apply, receive a $25 gift card when you switch to a new electricity or natural gas plan. The new account must be active for at least 60 days.

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